My Last Favor

My love, remember my voice
For I’ll remember ur gaze
So that when we meet in the next world,
we’ll recognize each other at first sight
So that we’ll recognize each other at first sight.. The reason for my cold words was
because they were burnt cries from my heart..
Only a long seperation is left for us who’ve met for just a little while…
Although u might love someone else
If longing fills my spirit then we’ll meet again…
Like this, let’s treasure us forever.
I remember you..

Don’t say anything.
I don’t want to listen to an awkward explanation…
If I’m a burden, then I’ll let u go…
Although this is a seperation I don’t want,,
I can’t hold onto u any longer…
I can’t believe in ur love now…
Has all the love u’ve shown be a lie?
Was the time that u spent with me just a small act so that u could stay around for a bit?

Was the future that u promised me this kind of pain and loneliness?
If it is that u’ve met someone better than me then I don’t want to block ur love…
But just tell me that the love u’ve shown me up until now is all true..
If u are really leaving then please go just a little slower…
So that can I erase u first…
Was the love that u started with that person,, happy as u tricked me?
Was it as much as I loved u?
And now, I’m never again going to trust in any kind of love…
This is my last favor..
Be good to that person who has taken my place….


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