This girl and that man

Since 2006 to story about this girl and that man. Love always turns to one person. Love is never on her side. She wished it wasn’t true, so she endured the pain.Even though she knew someone else had captured his heart. She wants to be that person. Here, she’s falling apart.. If only she could live with that person inside of her. She’s unable to throw the painful memories away,  and fight the pain and erase it all. But he can just turn away.. Is he teasing her with his quick steps? He doesn’t need to, he can take his time! He doesn’t seem to notice the tears that tear her heart apart!! She can’t admit her feelings, so they stay locked inside her once more. There’s no need to. When he hurts, she feel more pain.. She doesn’t care about the pain that makes her cry!! Seems to be the path she should take for him, no, that she should take for him! One for the moment that she comes see. And two for the trouble that he backed and freed.. She tries and shake it off, stand up, turn and run. Her steps will never be able to catch up hold him.. So, Wasting away !!

But she wishes it wouldn’t  just end like this. She wishes it would just be forgotten like this. Like last night’s dream, with a sweet dream. Will she forgets after she cries like this? Will she forgets after she hates like this? She doens’t know, her  tears just keep flowing. She thinks her love is not enough. Inside her tear-mixed heart.. She wants him to have bad luck and look for her. What, what does she do? The tears just keep flowing. Her heart hurts… so much. She wishes there was no today, she was tomorrow would never come. So she can think of him and fall asleep, like yesterday.. She’s scared of today passing, She’s scared of tomorrow coming. Because she will fall asleep in her tears of longing…


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