The Girl Who Sees Smells (SBS, 2015)

Number of Episode : 16

Genre: Comedy, Romantic, Action, Mystery

The drama actually already aired and ended just a week ago. But I just finished it now. It’s quiet interesting and recommended drama in case for the cast, acting, and storyline. They’re almost perfect! It’s funny, scary, and romantic at the same time. I like how the story begin and end. It will trigger you curiosity in every single episodes. Actually you can guess the ending well, but “how will it happen?” which can make you shaky about that.

For anyone who don’t watch this yet, you can check the trailer below.


Choi Moo-gak (Park Yoo-chun) and Oh Cho-rim (Sin Se-kyeong) are connected to the same case. Moo-gak became a police officer after losing his sister to the Barcode Murderer and Cho-rim is the sole survivor of the murderer’s attacks. While the incident has left Moo-gak with dulled senses and emotions, Cho-rim can visualize smells, but has no memory of her life before it. Together they try to crack the case which changed their lives.

However, you can watch and download full episodes of this drama HERE.

And below is some of my favorite OST of this drama.

Full audio OST can be downloaded HERE.


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