We Got Married


I’m not really watch the whole episodes of this TV show. I acknowledge myself as a subjective one. So, I just watch the couple/artist that I like. Below some them are listed below. You can stream to watch or download it. I will provide link, so it will be easier for your all.

jk01_1024Jo Kwon (2AM) and Ga In (BEG) Couple

20110311_yongseo_01Yong Hwa (CNBlue) and Seo Hyun (Girls Generation) Couple
KhunToria-COUPLE-ktjpop-32525136-1600-1200Nickhun (2PM) and Victoria (fX) Couple
y7b3D9KJung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi Couple
Hong Jong Hyun and Yura (Girls Day) Couple
Jonghyun-Jonghyun-gong-seung-yeon_1430252139_af_orgLee Jong Hyun (CNBlue) and Gong Seung Yeon Couple
*Note: Credit to all uploaders and subbers.I just provide the link, if you want, you can search directly to their website.

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